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About Quimer

Quimer is the link between the simplicity and the purity of roots, seeds, leaves, barks and fruits regarding several species of plants, handcraftedly extracted from the Nature, and the most powerful and miraculous cosmetics potions and savory food recipes..

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  Quimer - Spices
Cravo da Índia
High quality products, with competitive prices, and according to lawful specifications and requirements of market.

  • Herbal one
  • Always having in mind the quality of our products, we offer an extensive list of herbal, national and imported.

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  • Herbal two
  • Since 1992, Quimer has been dedicating to Import and Export of herbs and spices, with the objective of supply to food and cosmetic markets, as it can be seen in our complete list of herbal.

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    Quimer Herbal inputs - R. Andaraí, 799 - V. Maria - São Paulo - SP - Brazil - Phone number: (55 11) 2955-8800